All About Hair And Hair Loss

Hair loss is a universal problem that both men and women face daily. For some people losing a lot of hair strands a day can be a traumatic experience. Studies have shown that hair loss can cause emotional breakdown and has an impact on self confidence. Some lose the interest to socialize to avoid being embarrassed and ridiculed.

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Being stressed out due to your hair loss problem can only make matters worse. Being mentally and emotionally down may also have an effect on your overall health so you need to keep things together and try to solve the problem than lose sleep over it. We dig deeper into the hair loss causes and learn all about hair.

Causes Of Hair Loss
Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. We look at the two main types.

Alopecia areata is a condition wherein your body’s immune system attacks your hair follicles which causes your hair loss.

Androgenic alopecia is due to heredity and is a condition where hair thins out and falls off at a certain age. This is also known as male or female pattern baldness.

Hormonal Imbalance
Hormones control many processes in our bodies, including our hair growth. Hormonal changes can affect hair growth, which may be the case during pregnancy, giving birth and going through menopause. This is only a temporary occurrence, hair growth will come back once the hormones are balanced once more.

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is said to be the main culprit when it comes to hair loss in men. DHT is a male androgen hormone that causes hair follicles to have a shorter life span which results in lesser hair production. It is normal for hair growth to start after hairs fall out, but if someone has high DHT the follicles are blocked and no hair growth occurs. Male pattern baldness follows an “M” shape then “U” shape pattern of hair loss.

For women who have thyroid problems a condition called hyperthyroidism could be the root cause of your hair loss problem. Many experts agree that our hair can be an indicator of our overall health and wellbeing.

Tips To Help Prevent Hair Loss

-Use only organic products for your hair. When you go to the salon there are so many hair products that they apply to your hair that can cause damage in the long term. These products often contain harmful and hair damaging chemicals that not only has an effect on hair growth, but may harm your overall health as well. Stay away from hair coloring, gels and wax.

-Limit wearing caps and hats. Our scalp needs air so that it can breathe freely. People who wear caps often and those who have hair pieces tend to have dandruff and more hair loss due to the constant covering on their heads.

-Use organic shampoo. Conventional shampoos and conditioners are loaded with many harsh chemicals that may harm our scalp when used over a long period of time. Limit the usage of these shampoos and it would be better if you switch to organic and all natural shampoo and conditioner.

-Treat dandruff. Dandruff has been proven as one of the causes of hair loss. It is best to treat this problem with natural remedies in order to remove the dandruff that is blocking the hair follicles.

-Reduce stress. Stress has been proven to be one of the causes of hair loss. Relax, spend time with family and go on a vacation of you need to. Exercise can help reduce stress and help with increasing blood circulation which is beneficial for the scalp.

-Maintain a healthy diet. There are foods that are nutrient rich and are known to help in hair growth and there are also foods that you need to avoid. Our hair is made up of proteins so having a protein rich diet can help in maintaining a healthy scalp.

-Use hair growing products. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to help solve hair loss problems. Best to choose one that slows down the production of DHT. As they say, prevention is always better than cure and in the case of hair loss if detected and treated early, prevention can be a success. It is quite hard to reverse baldness, but hair loss when it is just starting can be prevented and reversed in some cases.

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